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Assisting Disciples on the Journey

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What is ComeFollow.Me?

The ComeFollow.Me platform exists to assist those who are desiring to grow in the their relationship with Jesus Christ by connecting them to their parishes and/or dioceses, providing ongoing resources, and through building a culture of formation.   

Here's What We Have Prepared For You

  1. Community - You can't make this journey alone.  Our community platform strives to support you by connecting you with others, especially those in your local parish and/or diocese. 
  2. Formation Opportunities - We are continually offering opportunities for you to grow in your faith through online studies, mini-courses, etc.  
  3. Resources - Our blog and daily podcast are "food for the journey." Check back regularly to receive from many others who are on this journey with you!

Our platform is free to use, but our Patrons get many extra "perks"

Become a Patron

For those who are ready to get serious!

  • access to our Patron Only Community where you can engage in discussions with others who are serious about their relationship with Christ, ask questions, pray for one another, etc.
  • weekly guided discussions from the Come Follow Me team
  • free access to all of the current basic Come Follow Me programs
  • access to the programming archives (past events, programs, etc.) 
  • patron only events and programming
  • access to the With You Always podcast archives
  • our quarterly newsletter
  • discounts on premium programming, items in the shop, etc. (coming soon!)

Get all of these perks for only $4.99 a month!

Plus! You'll be helping support or mission of "assisting disciples on the journey!

Are You a Leader of Others?

We've built this platform because we desire to "assist disciples on the journey" but we can't do that without you!  Please let us know how we can help and support you as you lead others in discipleship.  Here are a few ways we'd like to help;

  1. set up your own private online community for those you lead
  2. take advantage of our online formation programs either by encouraging others to go through them or setting up a private "course" for you and a group of others.
  3. check out our various communities where you can connect with other leaders as well to grow together, pray together, ask questions, and more. 

If there is any way we can help, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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